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About me

About me

Sina Seiler completed her academic film and media studies at the Universities of Karlsruhe in cooperation with the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe and Eberhardt-Karls -Universität, Tübingen in cooperation with the DAMS Drama Art and Music Studies, Bologna, Italy.

In Italy she attended the directing class of Guiseppe Bertolucci (theater director) and worked on the theater film “Na specie da cadavere lungissimo” by Pier Paolo Pasolini with Fabrizio Gifuni under the direction of Guiseppe and Bernardo Bertolucci.

In 2006 she was awarded the audience award at the Arsenal short film festival in Tübingen for her first experimental essay film “Esho Funi” during her studies. The performance poetry film “Elefant” (2013) has been shown at more than 20 international literature and film festivals, including the “Best of” ZEBRA Poetryfilmfestival 2014 and is currently still being distributed by Haus für Poesie, Berlin.

The poetry film “Vierfarbendruck” was realised in 2016 with the German-Dutch exchange grant “Poetic Encounters across the borders” from the Filmwerkstatt Münster and the DZIGA film institute, Nimjegen, Netherlands. This was nominated for the “Best female Award” 2017 at the Independent Days Karlsruhe and proposed by the AG Kurzfilm for the German Short Film Award.

In the 2017/18 season Sina Seiler worked as a performer in the project “Gala Global” directed by the theater collective Turbo Pascal at the Deutsches Theater Berlin.

She has currently written the script for the debut “In the summer one night” and published poems for the online Publisher Fixpoetry

Since 2021 she has been working on the publication of her poems together with the Klak Verlag Berlin and on new poetry film projects.

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